Reports: Haddad leaves Morocco camp due to injury


According to Moroccan reports, Hamid Haddad, the player of Zamalek club, left the camp of the Moroccan national team, after suffering an injury.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, “Al-Muktab”, Haddad left the Moroccan national team camp due to the injury he suffered, and it was imposed on him not to complete the camp.

Al-Hussein Amota, the coach of the Moroccan reserve team, summoned Salah El-Din Benisho, the star of Olympique Safi, to enter the camp, which is taking place at the Mohammed VI Center in Sale, in preparation for participating in the Arab Cup, instead of Haddad.

The Moroccan newspaper did not reveal the extent of the injury suffered by Haddad while he was in the Moroccan national team camp.


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