“Reservation of Mohamed Ramadan’s money” .. the bank issues an explanatory statement


And the artist posted Mohamed Ramadan On social media, he posted a video, in which he said that his money was confiscated by the state in general, without any explanations.

وقال Commercial International Bank In a statement posted on his account in FacebookReferring to what was stated on some social networking sites and in compliance with banking secrecy stipulated in the legislation governing banking work by not disclosing information about a customer’s account or its dealings, CIB would like to point out that upon receiving judicial reservations from the court or other authorized authorities It is legally allowed to seize the balances of clients, so the bank’s work procedures require informing the client of this.”

He added: “The bank also confirms that a customer’s account is not seized or prevented from disposing of it except by a court order or ruling from a judicial authority.”

Two sources, one a judicial and the other a banker, told Sky News Arabia that what exactly happened was that “a sum of 6 million pounds was seized from Ramadan’s account, in implementation of a court ruling obligating him to compensate in favor of the late pilot. Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr“.

According to the two sources, the decision is not a reservation or freezing of Ramadan funds by the state, as he suggested in his video, but it is related to the implementation of a ruling issued by the judiciary in favor of the late pilot, who accused Ramadan of harming him financially and morally and destroying his life, and caused his dismissal from his job after he published a recording His pilots the plane instead of the late pilot.

The judicial source stressed that the Public Prosecution did not issue such a decision, but rather supervised its implementation.

For his part, the banking source said that there is another compensation ruling against Ramadan, with an amount exceeding 20 million pounds, but it is not final, and the authorities may estimate the amount to be seized administratively in a precautionary manner in this case.


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