Romantic situations brought together Mohamed Farraj and Basant Shawky on Red Carpet before their wedding today.. Video


From time to time, the artistic community witnesses a new love story that culminates in marriage, sometimes between an artist and the other party outside the artistic community, and sometimes the relationship between two people from within the artistic community, which is the case we are witnessing today, Friday, when the artist Mohamed Farraj and the artist Basant Shawky are married, which he will attend. Close friends from the artistic community and beyond, and their families.

The love story of Mohamed Farraj and Basant Shawky began about 6 years ago, when they met each other on a Christmas day, and then they met in the location filming the series “Taht al-Saytara”, and it was not announced until they appeared together on the red carpet at the El Gouna Film Festival, specifically in the session. The third, at which time their engagement was announced and they appeared together on the red carpet many times and took a number of memorial photos, and their marriage was scheduled, but they were much delayed due to the circumstances of the Corona virus and Mohamed Farraj’s preoccupation with filming a number of successful works, the last of which was the series “Newton’s Game”. Which was shown in the elapsed month of Ramadan.

The duo, Mohamed Farraj and Basant Shawky, appeared in artistic forums and film festivals in a large way, the last of which was at the Cairo Film Festival, where they drew attention to them after kissing her on the red carpet at the opening ceremony, in response to a rumor of disputes that broke out between them at the El Gouna Festival, which was circulated by a number of people to respond to this It is common for what is said on websites to be incorrect.

And just as Mohamed Farraj and Basant Shawky always appear together on the red carpet at film festivals and show moments of love and romance between them in front of the cameras lenses, the duo also attended the closing ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival last session, in a chic, elegant and gentle manner, Mohamed Farraj bent his knees and grabbed “Deal.” “His fiancee’s dress was in Shawqi cents so that he could straighten it so she could take souvenir photos.


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