Roscosmos offers space tourists a 30-day trip


The company “Glasf Cosmos” of the Russian space corporation “Ros Cosmos” published on its official website additional information regarding space tourism and those interested in practicing it on a Russian spacecraft.

The company said that the basic program of the tourist space flight includes medical examination, training, space flight to the space station, accommodation at the station, return to Earth and rehabilitation.

There are additional, special suggestions for space tourists, including leaving the station into open space, a 30-day space flight, working on a scientific program on board the International Space Station, a special diet, and purchasing a space capsule dedicated to returning to Earth. And space tourists will also have the opportunity to take photographs and send them to Earth in the “online” system“.

The head of the “Cosmos Cover” company said that space tourists could contact program managers to see the details..

He explained that the tourist space flights will take place on board a Russian-made “Soyuz-MS” vehicle, which will be launched by a “Soyuz-2.1A” missile.


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