Russia is studying the project to establish a national space station


He said in an interview on the “Solovyov Live” YouTube channel: “We hope that the government will hold the first meeting at the end of June in the presence of experts and space officials, in which it will consider the project of the Russian national station.”

According to the “RT” website, it is reported that the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government, Yuri Borisov, had announced last April that the condition of the International Space Station was deteriorating from year to year, so Russia could focus its efforts on establishing a national space station and put it before a company. The Russian space agency, Energia, is tasked with ensuring the readiness of the first basic sector of the new station by 2025, which is the energy and science sector, which was planned to launch to the International Space Station in 2024.

And Borisov explained that the angle of inclination of the new station is equal to 98 degrees, which will allow it to cover the entire globe during every two days and to fly over the Arctic region after every 90 minutes, which is important to support the northern sea passage.

He added that work on the design project for the new station will start at the end of this summer.


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