Said Saleh’s widow: His daughter was like my sister..and we hid our passports so that she was not upset | Video


Actress Shaima Farghali explained why she and the late artist Saeed Saleh hid their marriage from his daughter for a while.

During her meeting with the media, Yasmine Al-Khatib, on the program “We say too” on Al-Nahar channel, Shaima Farghali said: “I and the daughter of Saeed Saleh were like sisters, and she has the right to be upset and not her right to be upset, because there is justification. We were waiting for her to get married and settle in her new life..She got upset with me and quarrelled with me and took a position from me, and I didn’t like this because I love her. After that, people tried to interfere, but instead of calming down the dispute grew.”

Shaima Farghali explained that Saeed Saleh had a situation that affected her strongly, when she learned from the blood bank that she was suspected of being infected with hepatitis C, during the period of no treatment for it, and during the rehearsal of one of the work in the office, he was not afraid to catch the infection from her and said: “If you die, OK, I will die.” together.”


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