Salah Pasha: “I did not escape from Al-Ahly .. My father was ill in Italy .. Returning makes me very happy.”


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Salah Pasha, a player for the youth team of the Udinese club and the youth team, confirmed that he did not flee from Al-Ahly club for all to Italy, and that Hazem Imam made a big name in the club.

Pasha said in televised statements: “I have been playing for the youth of Udinese for 3 seasons and have been the top scorer of the 19-year-old team, and Udinese determines my fate at the end of the current season.”

The youth team star added: “I did not escape from Al-Ahly, but my brother Richard and I traveled due to the circumstances of my father’s illness and we had to travel because my mother is a foreigner and does not know how to deal here alone, and Al-Ahly is a great and great team and returning to him makes me very happy.”

Salah Pasha explained: “I benefited greatly from my training at the Milan Academy and then Juventus, and I presented distinguished levels with a team, and I was promoted to the first team in Udinese.”

And Salah Pasha continued: “Hazem Imam, the former Zamalek star, made a big name here in Udinese, and his image on the Italian club’s honor board is very popular.”


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