Salwa Muhammad Ali: They kicked me out of the radio.. I am raising a talk show host and I am proud


09:59 PM

Sunday 20 June 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

As part of the activities of the fourth day of the 22nd Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films, a symposium honoring Salwa Mohamed Ali was held, and it was presented by Radio Dalal Al-Shater.

At the beginning of the symposium, Al-Shater said: “Today we host a beautiful and distinguished voice that has an imprint, when you hear it you know it immediately, a star of a special style, never interested in becoming a window star, devoted to the theater and not seeking fame and lights, she has won the love of the Ismailia fans since her arrival at the festival “.

While Salwa Muhammad Ali said: “I loved the presence of the artist Sayed Ragab, my colleague, in the film that was shown at the festival, but I am happy with the presence of the artist Ahmed Kamal, because we are one generation that we have joined together during our artistic career since the beginning years.”

And she continued, “I never felt that time wronged me, but rather did justice to me and took my full right, and although immediately after my graduation I was dreaming of the lights of fame and stardom, and I waited for the phone bell to get the starring roles and he did not come, and when it came after that, it was an order for the radio and when I went they expelled me because the registration for the radio is not It is an easy matter, but it has special characteristics, so I challenged myself in this matter, and indeed I proved myself in this field.”

She explained: “I loved my role in the series (Taya) and (Land of Hypocrisy), and I was lucky in these two roles, and I suggested to the director in the last series that I embody the role of the failed scientist because the character will be rich and have a different drama that is better than the achieved character.”

And she continued, “I did not miss the stage because I read a play from time to time, and I performed in a number of governorates, with the participation of a number of stars such as Mahmoud Al-Lawzi.”

She said: “When a new role comes to me, I consider it a miracle, because we work randomly, and roles are divided by chance, when it comes to the mind of one of the drama makers at the time of settling roles, and some artists are oppressed because they have relationships, and I took hope in the beginning of my life from the experience of Abla Kamel Although she does not have any relations in the middle, and she is an unerring talent, and therefore I am fortunate and took my right, and the accumulation that I obtained throughout my career suffices me.”

She added: “I like short roles as well as long ones, and I consider it a short-distance race that requires a great ability to perform details with precision, and I strive all the time to discover human motives, and I am keen to ride public transportation, to discover the natural person, and I go to large parties, and the most important thing in The work is to enjoy what you do, and I am raising a talk show host and I am proud that I was raised in a popular neighborhood.”

It is noteworthy that the Ismailia Festival is held by the National Film Center headed by scriptwriter Mohamed Al-Basousy, and its 22nd session will be held this year from 16 to 22 June under the chairmanship of film critic Essam Zakaria, and it will be held this year with all preventive and precautionary measures taken to maintain the security and safety of guests and all participants at the festival.

The Ismailia Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the Arab world and the first Arab festival that specializes in documentaries and short films, as it started its first session in 1991.


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