“Sassi’s Storm and Al-Jaziri Shows” .. Zamalek professionals, where to?


“Will Sassi leave.. Sassi will renew.. Al-Jaziri’s position.. Mathlouthi remains or not.” Many questions have been taking place in the corridors of Zamalek club during the recent period, and things are becoming more difficult with the end of the football season and the opening of the summer transfer window.

The case of controversy began last January, with a file to renew Sassi with Zamalek, and flared up little by little after a number of reports indicated that the Tunisian player had already reached an agreement with one of the Qatari league clubs – without an official announcement from any of the parties -, as well as what was recently circulated about The presence of offers for Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, the loaned player of the contractors.

Al Jaziri Offers

Al-Jaziri moved to the ranks of Zamalek during the winter transfer period on loan from the Arab Contractors, with a clause allowing the White Castle to buy the player for a value of 12 million pounds.

The Tunisian professional participated in 13 matches in the Zamalek shirt this season, 11 of them in the league championship and 2 in the Egypt Cup, during which he scored one goal.

Al-Jaziri’s contract with Zamalek includes a clause that allows the white team the priority to buy the Tunisian player, and in the event that the clause is not activated, the player will return to the ranks of his Arab Contractors team.

For his part, Mohamed Adel, the general supervisor of the ball at the Arab Contractors Club, commented on the matter, and confirmed that if Zamalek did not activate the clause to buy Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri, the team player, before the end of the loan period, the club’s management will sell it, especially since it received foreign offers.

During telephone statements to the “Bulldozer Stadium” program broadcast on the “Al-Shams” satellite channel, Adel said: “Al-Jaziri received foreign offers, and if Zamalek did not fulfill the purchase clause on time, we would sell it.”

He added, “There is a commitment between us and the Zamalek club at the present time, and therefore we cannot discuss any offers.”

Trinity position

Hamza Mathlouthi moved to the ranks of Zamalek at the beginning of the current season in a free transfer deal, after the end of his contract with Tunisian club Sfaxien.

The Tunisian player participated in 16 matches in the Zamalek shirt, 11 in the league, 2 in the Egyptian Cup and 3 in the African Champions League.

Yalla Koura learned from a source close to Patrice Carteron, the coach of the white team, that the Frenchman expressed his reservations about the Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi, and at the end of the season his final position will be resolved, whether to continue or leave the club.

sassi storm عا

Ferjani Sassi joined the ranks of Zamalek in July 2018 from the Saudi victory.

In total, the Tunisian participated in the Zamalek shirt in 102 matches in various tournaments (scoring 16 goals and making 17 successful passes).

The Tunisian player was crowned with Zamalek in the Egyptian Super Cup, the Egypt Cup, the African Confederation Cup, the African Super Cup, and the Egyptian Saudi Super Cup in 2019.

Sassi’s contract with Zamalek is scheduled to expire at the end of the current season, and so far the player has not signed the new contract, and therefore he has the right to leave immediately after the season ends.

At first, his agent, Muhannad Aoun, demanded from the Zamalek administration, to pay the player’s late dues before starting negotiations to renew the contract.

Successive Zamalek administrations recently tried to convince Ferjani Sassi to renew his contract, and it came to the intervention of Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, to hold a session with the player to reassure him about the future and stability of the club, but Sassi has not yet renewed.

But the past few days have witnessed, many reports indicate that Sassi will leave Zamalek in the summer transfer market 2021, and that the player has left for Tunisia to join the national team and will not return to Cairo.

On the third of this June, Sassi made statements to the Tunisian media during his stay in the national team camp, and said: “The Tunisian public hears things that are not true a lot, because I do not speak.”

Sassi added: “It is not possible to talk about such things now, but I will speak after the international break so that everyone knows the whole truth, and I will clarify all things about my future.”

Despite the financial crisis that the White Club is going through, Hussein Labib, head of the current committee in charge of managing Zamalek, confirmed that the matter has been resolved.

Labib said during a video clip broadcast on the Zamalek channel: “A letter was sent from Ferjani Sassi’s lawyer on May 15, and its content was that his dues must be paid before May 30, and this is the situation that we assumed responsibility for, and we succeeded in giving him his dues before this date.” “.

He added: “We are ready to negotiate with Ferjani Sassi on the new contract, and the player’s contract is extended until the end of the 2021 season, and contracts in Egypt do not have a date for the end of the competition, especially in the current Corona conditions.”

And the president of Zamalek concluded, saying: “We are proud that Sassi played in Zamalek, and we welcome the renewal of his contract with the club. The ball is currently in Sassi’s court. We do not claim the championship, and I promise him to meet reasonable demands if he wants to extend his contract. We support the entire team and not one person.”

Zamalek hopes that a breakthrough in its negotiations with Ferjani Sassi will take place before the 30th of this month, so that he can keep his player in the remaining matches locally this season.

Renewal in Sharqi

Yesterday, Wednesday, Zamalek channel confirmed that the club is in the process of concluding five deals of heavy caliber, in addition to approaching the renewal of the contract of Moroccan Ashraf Bencharki, the team’s wing.

Al-Ghandour said in his program “Zamalkawi” on the “Zamalek” channel: “The Zamalek administration contacted Ashraf Bencharki’s business agent for the renewal, and the decision will be next Thursday.”

Bencharki joined the ranks of Zamalek in July 2019 from the Saudi Al Hilal, and the Moroccan participated in the white club shirt in 69 matches in various tournaments (scoring 27 goals and making 15 successful passes).

As for Hamid Haddad, he moved to the ranks of Zamalek from the new defense at the beginning of the 2018/2019 season for a period of 4 years, for one million and 400 thousand dollars.

And he was loaned in July 2019 to Al-Rajaa Club for a season for 250 thousand dollars before returning to Zamalek again.

Al-Maghraby participated with Zamalek this season in 18 matches in various tournaments (13 league matches – Egypt Cup matches and 4 Champions League matches), during which he scored 3 goals and made two crucial passes.

The technical staff is scheduled to determine its position on the player’s continuation or departure during the coming period.

loan duo

It remains for Zamalek on loan, Razak Cisse (Al-Ittihad of Alexandria) and Mohamed Onajem (Moroccan Wydad), and Yalla Koura learned that French coach Patrice Carteron asked his assistant staff to prepare a detailed report on the loaned Moroccan to the Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca.

A source added, through Leila Kouras statements, that Cartieron settled on the return of Onajem, in addition to the Ivorian Razak Cisse, the Alexandrian player.

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