Satisfaction among middle school students in the governorates


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Preparatory school students in Giza and a number of governorates took the English language exam for the second semester of the current academic year, amid precautionary measures..

The operating room in Giza announced that it had not received any complaints about the exam, and that the committee formed by the governorate followed up the conduct of the exams within the committees to ensure the application of precautionary measures, ensuring the distance between students, wearing masks, the availability of disinfectants and operating the necessary lighting throughout the examination period..

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, stressed the importance of achieving discipline inside and outside the committees, to ensure that exams are performed without any obstacles in front of students, provide instructions for them, and prevent crowding during the entry and exit process..

Yesterday, the follow-up committees in the governorates announced that they had not received any complaints about the difficulty of the exams.

In Minya, the students took the engineering exam, in light of strict security and preventive measures, and the governor, Major General Osama Al-Qadi, followed up on the regularity of the conduct of the exams, by passing through a number of committees, to ensure that discipline was achieved and that preventive and precautionary measures were applied..

In Fayoum, the governor, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, inspected the conduct of exams in a number of committees, to determine the extent of commitment to implementing preventive and precautionary measures..

In Qalyubia, the students expressed their happiness with the algebra exam, noting that it came at the level of the average student, while the Directorate of Education in the governorate formed electronic committees to ensure that exam question papers were not circulated, as happened during the engineering exam crisis..

In Luxor, the students expressed their happiness with the level of the English exam, which came at the level of the average student, and in Sharqia, the students took the exam in the subject of social studies, under strict procedures, and Ramadan Abdel Hamid, the first undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, explained that all precautionary measures were taken. And preventive, as well as disinfection and sterilization of committees before and after the exam.

In Aswan, the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr. Khaled Qubeisi, decided to form a committee based on what was reported by the Central Operations Room in the Directorate’s Diwan, about the complaints of a number of students and parents about the lack of clarity in the pictures in the question of arranging the pictures in the social studies exam, to review the question and indicate the extent of the lack of clarity those pictures.

In Qena, Abu Al-Wafa Abdel Salam, Undersecretary of the Educational Administration in Nagaa Hammadi, explained that the exams for the preparatory certificate, on its penultimate day in the committees of the village of Abu Hizam, are proceeding in complete calm, with a commitment to applying precautionary measures..

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