Shami Al Mokawloon: Shikabala is a legend adored by Al-Ahly and Zamalek


Hassan Al-Shami, the left back of the Arab Contractors, revealed that he had received an offer for administrative work in the Wadi Tigris team after retiring. Like my house, but after returning to the contractors management, the engineer, Mohamed Adel, the supervisor of the ball, told me, “You are the team leader and you have two or three years on the field, and the contractors are the first for you after retiring.”

Speaking about Shikabala, the Zamalek playmaker, he added, “I love Shikabala very much on a personal level, and he is very simple on a human level, and Shikabala is a legend of Zamalek’s legends, and even Al-Ahly fans love him.

Al-Shami added, “Louis Edward asked me for a Shikabala shirt after the El Mokawloon and Zamalek match, and during the meeting I greeted Shikabala and told him about this and he said to me that there is no problem, but after the tie I found Louis Bejri Ali and then Shikabala took off the T-shirt and gave it to me, although the result was negative for Zamalek.” This is not unusual for Shikabala.

He continued, “Any match for me is the last game in the league, and the most difficult player I faced is Keno, the former Pyramids player, and I was surprised after the match that he said that the most difficult player he faced was Hassan Al-Shamy, the Mokawloon player.

The contractors player concluded, saying, “The coach is the one who makes the player, and there are many examples, Majdi Qafsha and Ali Maaloul were not that strong before Al-Ahly, and the African Youth Championship is what showed Mustafa Mohamed’s talent with the national team.


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