She accidentally stabbed her husband in self-defense during a quarrel between them.. Find out the court ruling


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The Qena Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Mahmoud Issa Siraj, and the membership of Counselors Sherif Effat Mustafa and Ahmed Abdel Hai Qora, and the secretariat of Salah Farraj, sentenced the second wife to one year in prison with suspended labor for killing her husband by stabbing him with a knife.

The events of the incident date back to 2020, when Qift Teaching Hospital received a penetrating wound to the chest, after a quarrel between “Basma. A, 27, and her husband, Mr. D” who stabbed him with a sharp object

Investigations revealed that when the second wife returned to her husband’s house, a quarrel occurred between them, after which he assaulted and ran away from him, but he chased after her and the beating continued. She stabbed him during that one stab, and he was injured and then fell to the ground, so the case was referred to the Qena Criminal Court No. 979 of 2020, which sentenced a year imprisonment with labor with suspended execution because the accused was in a state of legitimate self-defense.

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