“She came to spend it”… Eyewitnesses to the “Sohag massacre” tell the story of “Marina”



Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Sohag Security Director, received a notification from the Rescue Operations Room that a young man had slaughtered 4 members of his family in the Al-Osairat Center.

The security forces moved to the Al-Balagh site, and the examination revealed that “George S.” 27 years old, a worker, attacked his father, who is 70 years old, his mother “Amal. N” 65 years old, and his sister’s son, Mina, 6 months old, with a white weapon. “Inge,” 5, and his sister, “Marina,” 25, sustained severe, sporadic injuries to the body, and died in the hospital while receiving treatment.

The bodies and the injured were transferred to the central facility hospital, a report was drawn up on the incident, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigations.

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