She disowned her.. Israa Emad’s mother exploded a surprise: “My daughter deceived me.”


12:19 AM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed El Badry and Mohamed Amer:

The mother of Israa Emad, the girl who recently gave up her husband’s accusation of assaulting her with a white weapon, caused a surprise after she confirmed that her daughter had given up the case without her knowledge, and that she had disavowed her.

The mother of the girl, whose assault pictures have occupied public opinion since it was circulated on social media, said that her daughter had not told her that she intended to give up the case.

The mother explained, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy” that her daughter’s husband was communicating with her over the phone, and instructed her to give up, justifying that he was not aware of the case of the assault on her, adding, “They used to say that what he did because of his love for her changed him, and he felt himself except for When she arrived at the hospital.

Esraa Imad’s mother added that her daughter, after those calls and her husband’s sympathy for her, told her so, but she reprimanded her and asked her to forget that idea completely, and that her family refuses to give up completely because she was brutally assaulted by her husband, who stabbed her many times, leaving him seriously injured.

And the mother continued, in her statements to “Masrawy”, that her daughter went out without her knowledge, taking advantage of her absence at home, and went with her husband’s lawyer to drop the case at the Public Prosecution.

Esraa Imad’s mother indicated that she had disowned her daughter after this behavior, which came without her knowledge or any of her family, saying, “My daughter deceived me.”

Counselor Ashraf al-Maghraby, the first general attorney of the Alexandria Appeals Prosecution, ordered the release of “Mohamed M.,” a 24-year-old driver, Esraa Emad’s husband, from the department’s office after a 60-day detention.

The decision to release the husband comes after his wife, “Isra Emad”, came to the Public Prosecution Office, and decided to waive the report issued against her husband to attempt to kill her, and the case ended with reconciliation.

The beginning of the incident dates back to when the Montazah Police Department received the first notification from the East City Hospital in Alexandria, last Friday, of the arrival of a girl named “Israa Emad Habashi,” 19 years old, a housewife, with separate injuries to the face, chest and head. Her husband assaulted her with a white “knife” weapon because of marital disputes, so that the accused was arrested. To him before the Public Prosecution. The report No. 11786 for the year 2021 was issued for the first misdemeanour, and the Public Prosecution began to investigate, and ordered the husband to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigation on charges of attempted murder.

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