She fell from the ceiling on the walls of her neck.. a fan’s decor worker’s trick saved Karioka from death


Luck and chance often play their role in a person’s life. Sometimes he escapes death or achieves success, and his fate changes due to a coincidence or a stroke of luck, when fate decides another fate for him.

Chance and luck often played their role in the lives of the stars of the beautiful time, so that some of them escaped certain death or achieved success, fame and stardom.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine, published in 1961, the magazine published a number of situations and events that happened to the stars of the beautiful time, with which their destinies changed, whether by pushing them to the path of art, glory and fame, or saving them from certain death.

Among these stars was the great artist, Tahia Karioka, who was saved by luck from certain death when she was playing a dancer in a movie, and the role required that she dance on the stage, then suddenly disappear from the stage with cinematic tricks at a time when technological progress in the use of cinematic tricks was limited, so he thought The director uses a thin rope that the audience does not see at the end of it, a piece of leather that ties it in the middle of the carioca, even if the dance ends, two workers pull the rope, so Carioca disappears in a jiffy from above the stage

The rehearsals for this scene were successful, but Carioca noticed during the rehearsals that one of the workers was following her with great interest, and she thought he was just a fan, until he started filming the scene and Carioca finished her dance and the two workers started lifting the rope, but after a few seconds she lost consciousness and fell from the rope hanging on her head And she almost lost her life, but fate alone saved her, as the admired decorator, who was following the scene with interest and fear for Carioca, gave him his thought to make a cotton pad in anticipation of any mistake that would result in her falling from the rope, and he threw this pad at the same moment she fell Carioca to fall on her and escape certain death already, so fate sent Carioca a worker who admires her to save her from death.


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