She was in good health and young .. The death of a mother of three days after receiving the “AstraZeneca” vaccine


The mother of three suffered from multiple blood clots. She died in hospital just days after receiving Fertilization “AstraZeneca”.

Nanny Tania Smith, 43, had her first dose in March. She died just over a week later after being taken to hospital due to severe stomach cramps.

An investigation is scheduled to determine the circumstances surrounding her death.

According to the newspaper,Daily Mail” British. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency also confirmed that it would review Ms Smith’s case as part of an ongoing review of the occurrence of blood clots and any possible links to the vaccine.

Ms Smith’s partner, Kenneth Edwards, decided to speak up after also hearing of the death of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw, who died in Newcastle, after being treated in intensive care from blood clots and bleeding after receiving the vaccine.

Edwards says Tanya felt very tired for a few days after receiving the first dose of the elbow shot. Then I woke up one morning in pain and called 111 for help.

He said her suffering did not subside even after the paramedic came and gave her painkillers and she was taken to Dereford Hospital, where it was later revealed that she had suffered from multiple blood clots.

Unfortunately, Ms. Smith soon suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest and after a short period of stabilization, her condition gradually worsened before she tragically passed away in hospital on 3 April.

Her partner Edwards believes she “would not have died if she hadn’t had the AstraZeneca vaccine. But that cannot be confirmed until a full investigation is conducted into her death.

Edwards decided to speak up after reading about the death of a BBC journalist, Lisa Shaw, after suffering blood clots after an AZ vaccination.

The European Medicines Agency says the benefits of the vaccine in combating the widespread threat of Covid-19 (which itself leads to clotting problems and can be fatal) still outweigh the risks of side effects.

She was in good health

Edwards praised Tanya and said, “She was amazing. Really good nanny for 19 years.”

She left behind three children, two adult children and a disabled 12-year-old girl.

“She was the only woman, except for my mother, who really took care of me,” her partner adds. I loved her family. And we are all lost without it. I have never experienced anything like this.”

He said she was “in good health and young” before receiving the first dose of the elbow vaccine, which she received at Home Park football ground in Plymouth in March.

An inquest into her death will be conducted at a later date and part of that will look at an investigation by the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, which operates Deriford Hospital where she died.

Edwards asserts that paramedics “did not understand how Mrs. Smith had a heart attack, and quickly sent her to the operating room.”


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