Sherif Ekramy: I don’t want to work in football after retiring


Pyramids goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy confirmed that he has no plans at the moment for his future after retiring from football.

In statements to “On Time Sports 1”, Ekrami said: “I do not have a vision for my future after retiring, I may not work in football.”

Ekrami added: “Acquiring a literary or administrative position requires that you be qualified to fill it, not because the position is just an honor and an end-of-service reward.”

And the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper continued: “Suppose that what happened with Al-Ahly club did not happen, would I have been an obstacle or an addition if I assumed an administrative position without being qualified?”

Ikrami concluded: “I do not know when I will retire, but when I lose my passion for football, and I cannot participate with all my energy in training, then I will withdraw.”


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