Shikabala reveals Mosimane’s message and crisis with the fans


Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala, captain of the Zamalek team, confirmed that everyone in the club’s football team pledged to win the league and cup titles this season, after leaving the African Champions League.

Shikabala said in statements to the Zamalek channel: “We pledged with all the players to achieve the League and Cup championships for the fans of Zamalek Club.”

He added, “It is not our fault what happens outside the field, but we will fight on the field until the last moment to win championships.”

He explained, that playing for the Egyptian national team is an honor for any player, stressing that he works hard and the choice is in the hands of the technical staff of the team.

He confirmed that he played many matches in front of the South African coach Mosimane and respects him, noting that he told him before the summit match, “You will not do it again.”

He continued: “Out of the field, we do not have a problem with anyone, we always react, but when more than once a departure from the text occurs, and no one will answer your right, so you will answer your right in your way.”

He continued, “I hope that Youssef Obama will join the Egyptian national team in the coming period, especially.”

And he continued: “Obama, when he is at his level, differentiates with Zamalek, when he is not at his level, he is injured, prejudiced and plays for the team.”

He concluded his statements: “As senior players, we feel Obamas role in the team, and he has a great defensive role with the rest of the players, and this sometimes affects his offensive side.”


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