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Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Hisham Talaat Mostafa, CEO and Managing Director of Talaat Moustafa Group, said that Nour City will represent a quantum leap in the urban development process in Egypt and a real addition to the national economy.

He added: This site, which is located in front of the new administrative capital on an area of ​​5,000 acres, aims to meet the requirements of population and urban growth in the axis of the East Cairo region, which is currently inhabited by about 4.5 million people, and is expected to reach 10 million people by 2030, which makes East Cairo Cairo is the first axis of development in Egypt.

He continued: The site includes approximately 250 thousand acres of projects and the administrative capital; Where the headquarters of the official state and governmental institutions, parliament, banks and giant companies, next to the East Cairo axis, which is linked to the development axis of the Suez Canal and all new cities such as the tenth of Ramadan, Al-Shorouk, Badr and others.

He pointed out that Noor City will adopt the application of the idea of ​​smart cities using the latest technological technologies and a sophisticated infrastructure of Fiber Optics, in addition to providing high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi in all public areas, commercial and service areas, and security services at the highest A level of accuracy, through the latest security systems, CCTV cameras and control rooms in all areas.

Asham Talaat Mustafa explained that Nour City, which is expected to accommodate 600,000 people, will include a group of the finest integrated commercial, administrative and public services, similar to what was provided in Rehab and Madinaty, which currently has 850,000 residents.

He stressed that the project units will be offered for payment over 15 years and in simple booking payments that suit many citizens, and systems are offered for the first time in the Egyptian market in cooperation with state banks (the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Cairo Bank).​

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