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Peoples also know love and hate.. The Egyptian people used to love Japan, and the ambassadors of Japan felt this throughout their service.. The Egyptians called Japan “the brother planet of Japan,” a message that bears great appreciation for Japan and the Japanese people.. for its technological superiority and precision in workmanship. And only yesterday, the Japanese ambassador responded to the Egyptians’ saying, saying, “If Japan is the planet, then Egypt is the other side of the planet,” and it contains a great indication that Egypt is catching up with progress, and another indication of the size of the achievements that are taking place in Egypt now, and a testimony from the ambassador Masaki, who follows everything on the land of Egypt!

I had written a few days ago an article about the “strategic ally.” I meant India’s relationship with the United States, and I said that India sees America as an unreliable strategic ally.. I added that America is dealing with opportunism, as it takes raw materials from India to manufacture the vaccine, And it did not help it when the Corona epidemic hit it, so India was forced to threaten the United States to stop exporting raw materials, if it did not send aid to it.. And here I address the role of the ambassadors of countries.. Aren’t these ambassadors coexisting with the countries in which they serve? Peoples towards the major countries that are linked by strategic alliance relations, such as America and Egypt for example? .. Doesn’t America know that it did not take a serious stand on the issue of the Renaissance Dam? .. What is the meaning of the strategic ally that we hear about and preserve, and we do not know its meaning on the ground?!

Certainly, we have strong diplomatic relations with the countries of Europe, America, Japan, China and others, of course.. The ambassador in Egypt may help improve these relations or deteriorate them.. For example, the Japanese ambassador coexists with the Egyptians and knows what they like and dislike.. He compliments them on occasions and responds to them. Masaki’s last statement was his comment on the saying, “The brotherly planet of Japan.”»!

The ambassador said that Egypt is the cradle of ancient civilizations, and the Egyptian people live in harmony and have many good aspects, and that they have followed the path of the Holy Family in a number of churches and archaeological sites.. It is a kind gesture from Ambassador Masaki.. and he knows what the Egyptians say about the planet Japan.!

Relations between countries should not be one-sided.. They take and do not give.. India has taught America a lesson in the exchange of interests.. But Indian public opinion has come to the conclusion that America is an unreliable ally, unlike Russia, which he described as a reliable ally. So..and I think that America for years has been searching for an answer to the question: Why do they hate it?..because it is committing aggression in the name of freedom and attacking countries under the pretext of possessing a nuclear weapon, as happened in Iraq..while it is blind to a small poor country that wants to control a great international river. Like Ethiopia, it demands that the problem be resolved by negotiation!

And finally, it is the policy of double standards because of which America will unfortunately lose all its allies!

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