Somaya El Khashab publishes the second promo of the song “Promise You” with Omar Kamal | Video


The artist, Somaya al-Khashab, shared her followers with her account on the Instagram website, the second promo of her song with the artist Omar Kamal, “I promise you.”

Sumaya al-Khashab had published a few days ago, the promo of the song and a clip of it in which Omar Kamal sings this part of the words: “I promise you, my life will be one day, my love. Al-Khashab said: “Oh, no, I am rigid and against breaking, I want in every country there is a palace.

Omar Kamal and Sumaya al-Khashab finished recording the song during the past few days, which is the first cooperation between them, and it is considered the gateway to the famous artist’s entry into the world of folk festival songs.

It is noteworthy that Sumaya al-Khashab participated in the Ramadan 2021 race, in the series “Mousa”, starring the star Muhammad Ramadan, and a number of art stars, including Heba Magdy and Sayed Ragab, participated in it, directed by Muhammad Salama.


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