special| “Acting Professions” comments on the injury of Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab Bor


08:21 PM

Thursday 10 June 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, announced, on Thursday evening, that he had a brain tumor of the fourth degree, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website.

The “Masrawy” website tried to communicate with Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, to check on his health, after he announced that he had a brain tumor, but he did not answer his phone.

We also contacted the Syndicate of Representative Professions to find out any details about his health condition, but its response was that it did not know anything about what Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab announced about his brain tumor.

And the artist Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, wrote on his Facebook account: “Dear friends… I did the required tests and x-rays, and unfortunately discovered that I have a fourth-degree brain tumor… I’m sorry that I didn’t hear from phones… Pray for me to recover.”

Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab had previously had cancer and received treatment until he was cured.

It is worth noting that the latest work of the artist Zaki Fateen, his participation in the series “Covid-25”, starring Youssef El Sharif, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Aiten Amer, Edward, Enas Kamel, Randa El Behairy, Mido Adel, Amir Salah El Din, Mirna Nour El Din, Diana Hisham, Islam Jamal and Imad Rashad.

Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab


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