Special- Details of the rape of the coastal girl revealed by the Public Prosecution during the investigations of the Vermont girl


Mohamed Farag

Posted on: Monday, June 14, 2021 – 1:35 pm | Last update: Monday, June 14, 2021 – 1:57 PM

– The author: The defendants used to have sex with girls and photograph them afterwards anesthetize them

The defendants drugged the victim and then took turns holding her

– The victim confirms the video of the incident: I went with the accused to spend a picnic in a village on the coast
– The case includes 3 defendants linked to the Vermont girl case, and the witness of the daughter of a famous artist confirms the account of the assault

Al-Shorouk obtained the Public Prosecution’s investigations in Case No. 3 of 2021, limiting the investigation of the Technical Office of the Attorney General, in which Sherif Al-Koomi, Youssef Kara (fugitives), and Amir Zayed (imprisoned) had intercourse with a female without her consent in a tourist village on the northern coast in 2015. , which is the incident discovered through the investigations of the Vermont Girl case, due to the association of some of the defendants and witnesses in the two cases.

The investigations by the Technical Office of the Public Prosecutor in the case stated that the defendants had sexual intercourse with the victim “Y” – and “Al-Shorouk” was pleased to reveal her identity – without her consent, by putting a drug on her in her drink, intending to execute her vision. And they took pictures of her in this disturbing situation without her knowledge.

Investigations added that the prosecution proved the incident by watching the video clip of the girl by the accused.

The investigations reported the testimony of the victim “Y” and she works in the field of acting, revealing that she had received an invitation from her accused friend Sherif El-Komy in the summer of 2015 to spend several days with him in a summer unit in the village of Marassi on the North Coast, explaining that she met him with his brother Amr and the second defendant Youssef Kara And others you don’t know, and I stayed in the unit for two days.

The investigations witnessed the presentation of the video of the incident to the victim “Y”, who confirmed his authenticity and that the incident of the assault on her as she witnessed.

The testimony of one of the witnesses, the daughter of a famous artist who was imprisoned in connection with the investigations in the case of the Fairmont girl, revealed that she traveled with the accused, Sherif El-Komy, to a picnic in the village of Marassi in 2015, accompanied by his brother and the accused, Youssef Qara, Amir Zayed and four girls, including the victim and another, noting that the latter postponed an appointment. Her departure, which sparked the ridicule of the accused Youssef Kara, and that she learned from the third witness, called Yasmina, that she had watched the filming of the accused Amir sexually assaulting the victim.

The testimony of the daughter of the famous artist confirmed that she learned from the specifications of the clothes mentioned to her by the witness, Yasmina, that it is the victim, and that the aggressors are the accused Youssef Kara and Amir Zayed.

The investigations witnessed the prosecution’s presentation of a video of the incident against the witness, the son of the famous artist, where she confirmed that the pictured room is one of the rooms in the villa in which they were already present, and that the two apparent persons are the accused, confirming that the victim wore the same clothes shown in the clip on the last day of her stay in the villa.

While the witness, Yasmina, who is the author of the investigations before the prosecution, said that she learned from her friend called Jodi – who resides outside the country – in July 2020, of the repeated sexual assault of the accused Youssef Kara and others on girls after they were secretly drugged and photographed, due to the precedent of her friend Judi’s knowledge of the accused Kara .

The witness, who presented the communication, explained that her friend Judy supported her opinion by showing her the video of the incident, assuring her that the accused always follow the same method in intercourse with the girls, which prompted her to record the video on her phone and submit it in a report to the National Council for Women.

The Criminal Court is considering the case, while the Public Prosecution issued a temporary order on May 11, stating that there is no reason to file a criminal case in the case of sexual intercourse with a female without her consent at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel during 2014, known as the “Fairmont” case; This is due to the lack of evidence in it by the accused, and it ordered the release of the detainees in pretrial detention.

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