special| Ghalia Ben Ali reveals the details of the “Egyptian Film Tatar” crisis, and the author


04:19 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

Days after the release of the clip of her latest song, “Tater an Egyptian Film”, on her YouTube channel, Tunisian singer Ghalia Ben Ali was subjected to a fierce attack on Facebook, and she was chased by accusations of stealing a clip from a song presented in 2009 by artist Salma Sabahi, and her words were written by poet Ahmed Shalaby.

Ghalia, in an exclusive statement to “Masrawy” website, commented on the crisis, and said: “For the secretariat, I do not know and do not understand why the issue turned into a campaign, and it does not require that, and since the beginning of thinking about the controversial words, the intentions were pure and sincere, and I began to communicate with Samia Jaheen to confirm the validity of the circulating statement that the text is for the late poet Salah Jahin, and there are many poetic texts in which poets transmit some vocabulary from other texts.

And she added, “As soon as I knew that the words that were inspired, and added to the original text, which are (in a country that you visit once and live inside you for years, and a country every time that nostalgia takes you), from a poem by the poet Ahmed Shalabi, and not by the poet Salah Jahin as it is circulated, I was quick to clarify as well Referring to the poet in the video clip on YouTube, and I contacted the dear artist, Salma Sabahi, and she understood the matter beautifully, and wrote it herself.

For his part, the poet Ahmed Shalaby commented in a special statement to “Masrawy”, and said: “I from the beginning did not accuse anyone of theft, but I commented on what happened with my poetry text written in 2008, sung by the artist Salma Sabahi in 2009, and I asked if this is acceptable. There was no escalation or attack on my part, but on the contrary, I closed the issue after the artist Ghalia confessed, that she obtained the text without the knowledge of its owner, and that she defined in the clip that the informant was inspired by the poem (In People), which she wrote.

Ghalia with her participation in writing the lyrics of the song with the poet Nihal Hani, she also participated in the starring of the clip with the artist Salma Abu Deif, and in directing with the director Karim Al-Hayyal, in addition to setting the music and melodies.

Ghalia sings in her album from the words of poets: Mostafa Ibrahim, Montaser Hegazy, Ahmed Salamouni, Salah Jaheen, Fouad Haddad, Wiam Ismail, Rana Sabra, and participated in setting his tunes in addition to writing one of his songs.


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