Summoning Nancy Ajram to court .. a lawyer reveals the details


The lawyer added that the court, which convened on Tuesday, “accepted the request Hashem Expanded investigation and summoned Nancy Ajram As a witness to the accident only,” noting that the court was postponed to another date to be announced later.

Local media reports and social media pioneers in Lebanon had previously said that this summons comes as a defendant.

Fadi Al-Hashem wants, according to the lawyer, behind this step to prove that he could only do what he did, both in terms of shooting and in terms of the number of shots that went out.

Lawyer Ashraf Al-Moussawi was one of the followers of this case, but he later left it. He told “Sky News Arabia” that Nancy Ajram’s summons came in a natural context for the course of the lawsuit.

He said that what was circulated about the character of Nancy Ajram was wrong, as she is a witness and not a defendant, as some have claimed.

Case details

The Syrian Muhammad Al-Mousa had infiltrated the villa of singer Nancy Ajram in New Suhaila, about 20 kilometers north of Beirut, on the night of last January 4, while he was masked and armed with a pistol.

Moussa arrived in the bedroom of the three girls of Al-Hashem and Nancy, and threatened to kill him and his family if he did not guide him to the safe of money and jewelry. Al-Hashem quickly brought his pistol and shot the attacker and killed him with 18 bullets, according to Al-Hashem’s testimony, who confirmed that what happened was self-defense.

But the investigator and forensic expert, Hala Ould Rob, had said earlier that the murder of the Syrian young man, Muhammad Al-Mousa, in the villa of the Lebanese artist “Nancy Ajram” and the doctor “Fadi Al-Hashem” last year, was a “premeditated murder.”

The criminal expert stated in radio statements what Al-Hashem did, “a premeditated murder.”

The solution is financial compensation

Writer and analyst in judicial affairs, Youssef Diab, commented to the “Sky News Arabia” website, saying: “I think that Doctor Hashem will be exempted from the punishment, but he may be fined a sum of money while paying compensation to the victims’ families.”

“We are before a legal trial, and there is no approval of a deterrent punishment, but rather a fine that requires him to pay compensation to the victim’s family,” he added.

Diab continued: “There is no doubt that Al-Hashem is being tried today before the Criminal Court for the felony of intentional murder while he is in self-defense, and this gives him mitigating reasons that may prompt the court to cancel the punishment that may be issued against him because Article 228 of the Penal Code permits the process of self-defense, especially if A person’s life is at risk.”


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