Surprise.. Alaa Hassanein, who was arrested in an antiquities case, caused the vacancy of the Dermwas seat in Parliament for now


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After the security services arrested the former deputy Alaa Hassanein, known as the deputy of the jinn and orcs, for leading a gang formation to excavate and smuggle them using imposter and claiming to harness the jinn, this caused the Dermwas seat in Parliament to remain empty for now.

Alaa Hassanein, son of the Dermwas Center, far south of Matia, had won the People’s Assembly seat twice, in 2000 and again in 2005, as a candidate for the dissolved National Party, and lost the election round in 2015.

Many do not know that he is a current candidate for the House of Representatives elections for the sixth constituency in the Dermwas district, in the south of Minya Governorate.

Alaa Hassanein had been excluded from the last parliamentary elections, so he lodged an appeal before the court and was accepted and his name was included in the lists of candidates, and this resulted in the postponement of the elections in the constituency until this day.

The arrest of Alaa Hassanein

Last March, Alaa Hassanein hosted one of the ambassadors of the Arab countries, on the sidelines of his visit to Minya Governorate, where he was received by the first in the village of Asmo Al-Arous, affiliated to the Dermwas Center.

The National Elections Authority, headed by Counselor Lashin Ibrahim, Vice-President of the Court of Cassation, decided to include the name of candidate Alaa Mohamed Hassanein in the final list of candidates for the sixth constituency, based in Dermwas Center in Minya No. 4, with the symbol of the wristwatch, and to postpone the elections in the individual system of that constituency until another date is set. That elections for the same constituency be held on the predetermined date.

This came in implementation of the ruling issued by the Supreme Administrative Court, the First Circuit, in the original nullity lawsuit No. 1849 of 67 Supreme Judicial Year on October 19, as contained in the final list for announcing the names of the candidates for that circuit.

Several months ago, the candidate Ayman Abdel-Hay, known as Ayman Heikal in the sixth “deferred” constituency, filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court in Minya, demanding that the National Elections Authority set a date for the polling process in the deferred district “individual system”, and a decision was issued in the lawsuit not to accept it, due to the absence of The administrative decision.. So far, the only constituency in Minya governorate remains without parliamentary representation in the individual system, due to the exclusion of Alaa Hassanein.

The security services had seized a group of antiquities in the possession of the accused, and revealed the locations of excavations and warehouses used to deceive the victims that they were ancient tombs from which the antiquities were extracted.

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