Surprise in the confessions of the owner of the scandalous photo of the girl Radar Al-Dayri .. (Details)


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Security sources revealed new details in an incident scandalous picture الصورة A young man and a girl inside a car on the ring road, in an improper position, and the perpetrators were arrested القبض post the photo After allegedly capturing it from the radar cameras of the Ministry of the Interior.

The sources said: “The competent authorities and information investigations at the Ministry of Interior examined what was published on Facebook and some websites for a photo of one of the traffic models, Model 125, which included a scandalous picture of a young man in a car, and a girl next to him in an inappropriate position, and claimed Websites and social media, that this photo was taken by ring radar».

The sources added: that by examination, those responsible for publishing the photo were identified and controlled by selecting “Any. B” of the computer that published these pictures, and it was found that he is a “student” residing in the Sharqiyah, where he tried to deny at first, but by confronting him he confessed his love and passion for cars, and that he follows a number of sites specialized in cars, and that he Watch this picture On “Facebook”, and republished it on his own page, with the aim of increasing interaction, and increasing the profits he gets from the page.

And the sources continued: The examination reached the second accused who published the photo, and it turned out that he was a party contractor، He resides in Cairo, where he was reached. By confronting him, he admitted that he had published the photo, after obtaining it while browsing some satirical pages on “Facebook” for the purpose of ridicule, attracting attention, and obtaining a greater number of followers due to the nature of his work, and they deleted the photo after the spread of the photo. Negative reactions to it, and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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