Surprises in the “Upper train scandal”: the harasser is a millionaire and has two wives and 8 children


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Investigations into the incident of the scandalous act inside the Upper Egypt train No. 1008 coming from Cairo to Aswan revealed several surprises, and said that the accused, who had attracted one of the children from street vendors inside the train car, had slander He is married to two women, in addition to being a millionaire, a real estate owner, and he trades in ready-made clothes.

Investigations said that the accused, called “Hassan. M. is 58 years old. He has 8 children, including 5 males and 3 females. Two of his sons work in the Gulf. He has two brothers, the first working as a hospital employee, and the other traveling in an Arab country.

and appeared Video clip And it spread on social media, last Saturday, showing a person wearing a Saedi robe sitting on a seat inside the train, next to a child of street vendors, who committed a scandalous act with him inside the train carriage, and a person on the seat next to him filmed him and published the details of his crime on social media.

The Ministry of the Interior was able to determine the identity of The accused is the perpetrator His arrest and examination revealed that he is from Sohag governorate and works as a real estate broker and a ready-made clothes dealer. He was arrested hours after the video clip was circulated, and when confronted, he confessed to committing the outrageous act by attracting the child from the street vendors inside the train carriage in the next seat to commit his crime.

Investigations confirmed that the accused took advantage of the sleep of a large number of passengers on the train heading to southern Upper Egypt and carried out a scandalous act. Details of the scandalous act on social media.

The videographer said: “While I was on train No. 1008 coming from Cairo to Aswan last Wednesday at approximately 11 pm, it was discovered that a person wearing a jilbab had committed an act of dishonorable behavior with a minor child who was among the beggars inside the train carriage.”

And he added on his official Facebook page, “I worked myself asleep inside because most of the passengers were asleep, and I set the camera towards him and recorded, and after reviewing the video footage, I confirmed his outrageous act.

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