Surprises inside Zamalek’s apartment, “Ali Babas Cave”… and the examination committee discovers a “secret hideout”


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Sources in the investigation authorities revealed the discovery of an archaeological treasure that entered the Zamalek apartment, as the technical committee formed by the Ministry of Justice to sort archaeological artifacts, jewelry, paintings and rare artifacts discovered Saturday morning. secret hideout Inside the apartment, it is a small room with a door in a wooden wall inside one of the large rooms in the apartment that contains antiques and rare antiques.

Last week, the Ministry of Justice formed a committee from the Ministries of Justice, Antiquities and Finance to examine large quantities of collectibles, historical medals, jewelry, antiques, and rare artworks dating back to the royal era, which the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate were able to find inside Apartment In the Zamalek area, Cairo.

The sources said that the committee has so far been able to count 400 artifacts of rare artifacts, antiques and goldware estimated at one billion pounds, and the committee is currently working on counting all the seizures in the apartment and preparing a report on each artifact dating back to the Islamic and Greek eras and its history, and submitting it to the investigation authorities from the prosecution the public.

It was Apartment owner Counselor Ahmed Abdel Fattah, currently residing in the State of Kuwait, confirmed that he belongs to ancient familyAnd that the decorations and decorations belong to his family, most of which were inherited from, in addition to the purchase of some from official auctions set up by the state in previous times.

It is reported that while the Judgment Execution Department of the South Cairo Court seized the apartment of a person named Karim Ahmed Abdel Fattah, in the Zamalek area, based on a ruling issued against him by one of his relatives due to financial disputes between them, the ruling officer was surprised to find large quantities of antiques, jewellery and rare jewelry inside the apartment. .

Finding a treasure in the Zamalek apartment – archive photo
Finding a treasure in the Zamalek apartment – archive photo
Finding a treasure in the Zamalek apartment – archive photo
Finding a treasure in the Zamalek apartment – archive photo

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