Syed Ali attacks Muhammad Ramadan: “You are not one of us, sir. You are the enemy of yourself.” | Video


The journalist Syed Ali attacked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after the latter published a video in which he announced that he had received a call stating that his money was being kept in a bank.

During his presentation of today’s episode of the program “Hadrat Al-Muwatin” on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, Sayed Ali said: “The talented actor, Muhammad Ramadan, is the enemy of himself. When he comes out, he says the state has booked me, no, Papa, the state is blocking you, and you are sending a wrong message to the foreign investor and the Egyptian investor, The Egyptian state is seizing the money of the Egyptians. It was seized because you died a pilot, and the court ruled for him and he paid him, to take the right of this man.”

He added: “The star reality is a responsibility, as long as you are a star, you remain responsible for your actions and every word you say. But the issue of disregard in the time of YouTube, every one who turns and looks at YouTube addresses people from Alia while I drink coffee and I have money for this. I say it, because I confess in front of you that Muhammad Ramadan is a talented and greedy actor, and he is in dire need for a rational person to direct his talent. 70 or 80% of them go out in the morning from their homes with the sweat of their brows to get a halal penny to raise their children with, they don’t have a car and they don’t have a fleet of cars, especially if you look like these poor and especially if you claim that you are one of them.


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