Tales of 7 girls on Tik Tok.. It started by collecting money and practicing vice and ended with women’s imprisonment


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Because of the violation of public morals on the Tik Tok application, 7 girls and women are serving a prison sentence, the last of whom is Hanin Hosam and Mawaddah Al-Adham, who were sentenced two days ago to 10 and 6 years in prison, respectively, and the charges against them are “nudity, human trafficking and engaging in acts contrary to public morals on the The application of Tik Tok, with the aim of achieving fame and getting rich quickly.

After the criminal court ruling imprisoned Haneen Hosam for 10 years, and Mawaddah Al-Adham for 6 years, “Al-Masry Al-Youm” reviews the stories of the Tik-Tok girls who were arrested in recent months, and they raised public opinion during the last period.

Haneen Hosam – archive photo

The beginning of the crisis of Hanin Hosam, one of the Tik Tok girls, was with the publication of a video clip on “Tik Tok” in which she asked the girls to create accounts on “Tik Tok”, open the camera and chat “Live” with some users, and promised them to obtain a financial compensation of $ 36 and up to 3 thousand dollars, according to the volume of interaction with their videos, which raised public opinion against her, as some filed reports against her, and she was arrested and brought to trial, which punished her with ten years in prison.

Mawaddah Al-Adham – archive photo

The name of Mawaddah Al-Adham was issued by one of the girls of Tik Tok, the Google search engine, in the recent period, after she was sentenced to 6 years in prison, because of the videos she publishes on Tik Tok and she appears in bold clothes, and the security forces arrested her and accused her of violating societal principles and values, for Through her account on Tik Tok, and during the investigations, Mawaddah admitted the charges against her and justified this by her need for money.

Manar Sami – archive photo

Manar Sami, one of the Tik Tok girls, the daughter of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, is facing charges of providing indecent videos that include pornographic materials with the aim of practicing prostitution, through her accounts on Instagram and Tik Tok, and after her arrest, the Economic Court issued a sentence of 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 pounds. An appeal against the ruling has been scheduled for July 3 next.

Renad Emad

The nickname is Renad Imad, one of the girls of Tik Tok, but her real name is Menna Allah Imad. The prosecution charged her with providing indecent videos. She was arrested while she was in a cafe in the Dokki area. She confessed to practicing prostitution for a fee, and said in the investigations that she was promoting some clothing and shoe marketing companies. A few days ago, the Economic Court sentenced her to 3 years in prison.

Hadeer Al-Hadi, a girl from Tik Tok

After the security forces arrested Hadeer Al-Hadi, one of the Tik Tok girls in an apartment in the October Gardens area, the prosecution charged her with providing content contrary to public morals on Tik Tok, and inciting girls to practice immorality and immorality, and the court sentenced her to two years imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 pounds.

Emerald Tik Tok Lady

Because of her practice of acts contrary to public morals, the security forces of the Ministry of Interior arrested Sharifa Refaat, known as “Sherry Hanim” and her daughter, Nora Hisham, better known as “Zumroda”, one of the TikTok girls, accused of outrages public modesty and violating the sanctity of citizens lives by publishing videos that include temptation to prostitution and practice Underworld and its facilitation, the Sherry Hanim channel on Tik Tok has more than 90,000 followers, and the last video was about the relationship of men and women under the title “Your appointment is not easy.”

The Cairo Economic Misdemeanors Court issued last Sunday a sentence of imprisonment for Sherry Hanim and her daughter Zumroda to 6 years in prison on charges of assaulting societal values ​​and inciting prostitution.


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