Tamer Al-Nahhas: Amr Al-Sulayya is ready to extend his contract with Al-Ahly… and the Gulf offer is “Umniah”


Tamer Al-Nahhas, the agent of Amr Al-Sulayya, the star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, confirmed that the player wants to extend his contract with the Red Castle and is ready to sign the new contract, as soon as the opportunity arises for his intense love for Al-Ahly. Al-Nahhas said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Amr Al-Sulayya loves Al-Ahly and wishes to remain in its ranks throughout his footballing life, and when I talked about a Gulf offer to Al-Sulayya on the loan path, I was talking about my wish and desire that Al-Ahly and the player benefit at some point“.

Tamer Al-Nahhas added, “Al-Ahly has not approached Al-Sulayya to extend his contract until now, so there is still plenty of time to discuss this file. The player is linked to an extended contract with Al-Ahly until the end of next season, so why the rush?”“.

And the player’s agent continued, “Al-Sulayya loves Al Ahly Strongly, and if the club decides to approach him in the matter of extending the contract, he will be very ready to sit and sign for the club, as he is one of the most important elements in the lineup of the red genie, and even the team, and he feels very comfortable in the Red Castle.“.

Al-Nahhas indicated that Al-Ahly will not take actual steps to extend the contracts of its stars at the present time because they are busy preparing for the Tunisian Esperance match and the rest of the African Champions League competitions, as well as the competition for the league championship, and we still have before the end of the season.


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