Tariq Yahya to Championships: Zamalek asked to include Midos son from Tigris for free.. “His father is rich, he pays.”


Tariq Yahya, head of the junior sector, confirmed the club Zamalek, that the administration of the White Castle sent an official letter to its counterpart in the Tigris Valley, in order to include the player Ali Ahmed Hossam Mido, without a fee.

The text of the letter read as follows: “The Zamalek administration thanks the continuous cooperation between the club and your esteemed body, and requests your kind approval for Ali Ahmed Hossam, who is registered with your club, born in 2003, to move to Zamalek without any financial commitment to the club.”

وقال Tariq Yahya In statements to Championships: “We asked to include Ali Ahmed Hossam Mido from Wadi Degla about a week ago. He plays in the center of the left wing, and we saw him in the match between Zamalek and Wadi Degla, born in 2003, and we liked him. We did not know that he was Midos son until after we asked him.”

He continued, “We sent a letter to the Wadi Degla Club, asking for the player without a fee.”

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When asked, how does Zamalek include him and the player, the king of Wadi Degla Club?, the head of the youth sector in Zamalek club replied with a laugh: “Mido is rich, he pays.” He added: “The boy is Mido’s son, and the latter has his relations and can intervene in order to include the player in Zamalek, especially since the junior sector At the White Castle, he does not have the capabilities at the moment to buy the player.”


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