The 7 most famous kisses in Egyptian of them is in the protection of the police


Some consider that the kiss in dramatic scenes is flawed, so that there are many actors in Lebanon and the Arab world who refuse to perform these scenes, which they consider somewhat daring in Arab drama, and the viewer does not accept it, knowing that many stars of the beautiful time created love scenes that included kisses. Between hero and heroine.
Viewers remember the famous kiss in the movie “Struggle in the Valley”, when the Egyptian actress, Faten Hamama, rushed in a long unexpected kiss from her to her partner in the filmOmar Sharif, amid the astonishment of the director and technicians, as the scene in the script was just an unrequited embrace. Moreover, this kiss was not in vain, as the two stars announced the marriage immediately afterwards.

Hot kisses collected the most famous representatives of Egypt
Perhaps the most famous sentence that documented and described the kiss in Egyptian cinema, what an immersed actress said in the events of the movie “The Next Statement Came” with Mohamed Henedy, when she described the kiss in Egyptian cinema, saying: “I don’t want a boss except in the context of the drama.” “.
Here are the 7 most famous kisses in Egyptian cinema:

The first kiss took place in the movie “Determination” in 1939, and it was between Hussein Sidqi and Fatima Rushdie.
The second kiss occurred in the movie “Struggle in the Valley” in 1954. It is considered the most famous kiss in the cinema, because it was not among the events of the film, but rather came spontaneously from the artist Faten Hamama to the star Omar Sharif, to begin after the most famous love story between them in the artistic community .
The third kiss took place in the movie “Young Woman” in 1956 and reached more than one kiss, which was presented by Tahia Karioka with Shukri Sarhan, in an attempt to seduce him.
The fourth kiss came in the movie “Red My Heart” in 1957, and it was a sincere kiss from the dancer “Karim” Hind Rostom on the lips of “Ali” Shukri Sarhan, after he escaped from his love for “Inji” Maryam Fakhreddin.
The fifth kiss occurred in the movie “Struggle in the Nile” in 1959. “Passport is sweet, oh boy,” a sentence said by Omar Sharif after a hot kiss from Hind Rostom in an intimate scene.
The sixth kiss occurred in the movie “Rumour of Love” in 1959, the desperate attempts of Hussein (Omar Sharif), to attract the heart of (Samiha) Soad Hosni, with the help of her father and uncle at the same time.

7 kiss under police protection

The movie “Saja Al-Layl” included a kiss between the late artist Imad Hamdi and the artist, Laila Fawzy, in one of the scenes in the zoo.

According to Henri Barakat, director of the movie “Saja Al-Layl”, in rare statements to him: “The filming was in Helwan Park, and Imad Hamdi would imprint an innocent kiss on Laila Fawzy’s forehead

He continued: “What happened is that a young man appeared and saw the scene, so his face turned red and said: “What a lack of life this is.” In vain, I tried to complete the filming, but the young man was stubbornly revolting against what he saw from the kiss, and here I and I had to go with the young man to the Helwan department, and after a while The boy came back with the department’s warden, and the warden stood in front of me and said to me: “Can you explain to us the scenes you photographed.”

Director Henri Barakat continued: “Here, the film’s producer, Helmy Rafla, answered the sheriff, saying: We do not film things that are outlaw or immoral, and we explained the matter before to the Ministry of the Interior and it was approved by a film monitor. The sheriff was convinced of his words, and while he was apologizing and leaving, the young man revolted. Once again, the warden was accused of neglecting the protection of virtue and morals, and the result was that the young man was taken to the police station on charges of assaulting the law enforcement officers.”


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