The awakening of the Egyptian theater.. Mohamed Sobhi presents “Nujoum El Dahr” and the return of Samiha and El Fakharani


The future period in the Egyptian theater is witnessing a great awakening and movement through plans and projects that are being prepared, whether in the state theater represented in the artistic house of the theater and the artistic house of the folk and performing arts sector or in the private sector theater and independent theatre. For the truth, the Minister of Culture, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, pays great attention to the theater file, The great director Khaled Galal sets his future plans with the head of the artistic house of theater and theater directors in order to create a theatrical movement and a return to the development of the awareness of the Egyptian society as the father of arts throughout history .

Theater is always the effective way to build a person and one of the methods of expressing feelings, and its messages always call for adherence to lofty values ​​and urge determination to achieve ambitions and overcome challenges. Therefore, the coming days will witness a number of distinguished theatrical performances, which we will review in the following lines, some of which will be presented on the stage of the state theater and others will be presented to me private theater .

noon stars
noon stars

Let’s start with the private sector theater. The star, Mohamed Sobhi, is currently conducting intensive rehearsals for the new theatrical script that he will present, which is “Nojoom Al-Zahr”, which he wrote with the participation of Ayman Fatiha. It is a lyrical comedy show, starring 40 actors and actresses from the stars of the Egyptian theater and from the “Actor Studio” troupe. It is developed every period by the star, Mohamed Sobhi, and feeds it with many elements and young talents .

The star Yahya Al-Fakharani also decided to return to the theater by re-presenting the play “A Night of a Thousand Nights”, which he presented before at the State Theater, but is currently transferring it to the private sector theater with producer Magdi Al-Hawari and presenting it with a new name, which is “Yama in the Grab Ya Hawi” and the play is written by Bayram. Al-Tunisi will be directed by Majdi El Haouari .

Mohamed Sobhi
Mohamed Sobhi

Hani Ramzy continues to present the play “Abu Al-Arabi”, which he opened during the Eid season on one of the private sector theaters, with the participation of Dalia Al-Behairi, Hajjaj Abdel-Azim, Amr Abdel-Aziz, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, Muhammad Juma’a and Ahmed Fathi, and the play written by Mohsen Rizk, and a play continues. “I am not responsible” on Al-Hosabir Theater, directed by Mohamed Gabr, and it is a play presented by young Egyptian theater stars and continues its performances on a weekly basis and will be shown in Alexandria soon, and star Ashraf Abdel Baqi continues his performances in his theater and is preparing for a new season of the two plays “The Play is All Wrong”, and “I am not responsible.” good morning” .

As for the State Theater’s plan, 28 theatrical performances will be produced during the coming period, as the National Theater Troupe is preparing during the month of July to present a show “Waiting for Baba” prepared by Ayman Ismail and Samir Al-Asfoury, directed by Samir Al-Asfoury, and starring the lady of the Arab theater Samiha Ayoub, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Samah Anwar, Samiha Abdel Hadi, as she prepares to start rehearsals for the show “The Grandson” about the two novels The Grandson and Abu Al-Arousa, written by Abdel Hamid Gouda Al-Sahar, and directed by young director Youssef Al-Mansour.

As for the comedy theater group, it is preparing at the end of July to present the show “A Beautiful Dream” written by Tariq Ramadan and directed by Islam Imam. The show “Hamlet Upside Down” written by Sameh Mahran and directed by Mazen Al-Gharbawi, and rehearsals for the show “Diwan Al-Baqar”, written by Muhammad Abu Al-Ela Al-Salamouni and directed by Muhammad Fadel, begin.

During the month of July, the Al-Talia Theater Company will present the “Saydet Al-Fajr” show at Salah Abdel-Sabour Hall, written by Alejandro Casona and directed by Osama Raouf. Written by Osama Nour El Din and directed by Nasser Abdel Moneim.

The Al-Ghad theater group continues during the month of June to present the show “Rites of Return”, written and directed by Saeed Suleiman, and in July, the show “Half is the Other” about the play Al-Sariq by the Iraqi writer Youssef Al-Ani, written by Basant Hamdi and directed by Sherif Sobhi, while the Youth Theater group performs on the floating stage Small during the month of June show DOGS It is a graduation project for the second batch of the Start Your Dream workshop, written by Mahmoud Jamal Hadini and directed by Kamal Attia, and during the month of August, the band presents the show “He Happened Eh” written by Mohamed Youssef and directed by Gad El-Shahawi, and on the stage of Malak, the band performs within the professional director’s project, the show “O Call, What Matter” written by Omnia Omar and directed by Mustafa Hassan Abdel Salam.

The actor's studio band with the star Mohamed Sobhi in the rehearsals of the stars of the noon
The actor’s studio band with the star Mohamed Sobhi in the rehearsals of the stars of the noon

As for the Alexandria theater troupe, it will continue during the months of June, July and August at the Tunisian Bayram Theater in rehearsals for the first batch of the “Begin Your Dream” workshop in Alexandria and at the Lycee El Horreya theater during the months of June and July, in addition to continuing to present the show “Qa’aa” from the “Future Stars” workshop in the band, this In addition to a number of shows dedicated to children, where the Cairo Puppet Theater Company presents during the month of June the show “The Journey of the Beautiful Time” written by Mohamed Zanati and directed by Mohamed Nour, and during the month of July it presents the show “Stars of Wood” written by Hamdi Attia and directed by Sayed Rostom, and in August it presents a show “Farkash Lamakish” written and directed by Shawki Hijab, and during the month of June, the National Theater for Children presents the show “The Cats” written by Safwat Zeinhom and directed by Safwat Sobhi, and in July it presents a new show entitled “A Journey with the Green Genie” written by Issa Jamal and directed by Adel Al-Kumi. August presents the show “The Beauty and the Beast”, written by Nasser Mahmoud and directed by Mahmoud Hassan.

Also, the El Shams Theater for the inclusion of people with special needs continues during the months of June, July and August to present the performances of the “Winter Dreams” project, which includes 6 theatrical performances using the film theatre, where the performances use the band’s children’s drawings after turning them into animated films and use them with the performances. It was written by Mohamed Abdel Al-Hafiz Nassef and directed by Youssef Abu Zaid. In June, he presented the show “Sit Al-Dunya” written by Bilal Imam and directed by Mido Adam, and in August he presented “Opera Bint Arabi” written by Yasmine Farag and directed by Hisham Ali..

theater stars (4)
theater stars (4)

The Minister of Culture was also briefed on the construction position of the Egypt Theater project, along with a plan to modernize, develop, raise efficiency, and periodic maintenance of the Al-Talia, Al-Arid, Al-Ghad, Miami, Perm Al-Tunisi, Al-Salam, Metropole, Lycee Al-Horria theaters, while they continue to operate on a regular basis..


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