The brother of the victim of the leak: the husband drowned her and participated in the search for her (video)


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Abdul Latif. A., a driver, a young man in his thirties, who was preparing himself to spend a nice time with his wife, sent their three children to his mother-in-law’s house so that the air would be clear for them in their house located in the middle of agricultural land on Wardan Island in the Qanater facility in Giza, but this day became “a black day in his life.” – Describing his relatives – where he witnessed a heinous murder, after the young man assaulted his wife and buried her in a sewage room, and began looking for her with her family, until the security forces caught him to confess his crime.

“We saw them sitting in the middle of the planting.. I can’t believe that he is doing this!” .. The brothers of Mona Mahboub, the victim, repeat it during her funeral, then they confirm in astonishment: “The accused husband was spitting in his face, looking at the ground in shame,” and enumerating the advantages of the victim She said: “She bought him a Suzuki car that he could work on.. She gave him all her money.”

Sabry Mahboub, Mona’s older brother, can hardly speak. The shock hurt him so much: “I can’t understand my sister being killed like this!” He saw her body after it was pulled out of the “filtrate.” He describes her shape, and says, to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “It was almost like decomposing, it sat for about two days in the water in the middle of the sewer.”

The victim’s brother never tires of demanding the right of his sister “we want retribution.” He feels angry when he remembers the confessions of the accused, “Abdul Latif” as he represents his crime: “I hit her with my hands after a verbal argument. I threw it in it, and then rubbed it with cement.” But the victim’s brother is lying to the accused, and says: “He hit her with an iron on her head, so she fainted, and she did not die.

“Sabri” did not suspect that his sister’s husband was behind the crime before his arrest, and explained: “The accused came to us, last Monday evening, and said that his wife had disappeared, and he was looking for her everywhere with us, until the investigations came on Wednesday morning, opened the filter and found the body.” .

Salama Mahboub, the victim’s cousin, says that suspicion leaked to them about the husband: “I discovered that he had a scribe on his face, so we told the detectives, and after the husband was arrested, he confessed to his crime.”

Abdel Hamid Sweid, the accused’s cousin, gives a different account of the discovery of the crime. He says that the accused “Abdul Latif” confessed to him: “I killed my wife, I hit her on the face, and she fell, and I could not hide the crime except by throwing her body in the sewage room, explaining to him: If I walked It is in the direction of the Nile waters, so people can see me.”

“Abdul Hamid” took the accused to Wardan police station, and told him: “Confess what happened.. Unfortunately, hitting you twice was not the reason for killing her, but she died of suffocation.”

The Public Prosecution had ordered the transfer of the victim’s body to the Zeinhom Morgue to determine the cause of death and whether it was the result of beating with a sharp object or “asphyxia” by drowning.

And the victim’s family do not know the cause of the crime, but they say: “(Abdul-Latif) was going to do an operation,” without explaining its details, and repeating: “His wife was standing next to him,” and one of them explained that the wife is about 5 years older than the accused, and that she was helping him in “farming.” » The land, and from her money she bought him a car.

A relative of Mona, the victim, who refused to give her name, says that she heard the accused confess: “I hit my wife on the head with a (shouma), and when she exceeded, I choked her with a (shirt), and put her in the sewage room.”

She adds with sadness: “(Mona) inherited a large sum, and a large apartment that she rented, and she and her husband always quarreled about house requests, and the latter was remiss.”

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