The catering allows new categories to issue ration cards.. A consultant


10:32 PM

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Dr. Amr Madkour, Advisor to the Minister of Supply for Information Systems, said that citizens are divided into categories according to salaries and pensions, noting that the first category is: the citizens who were not covered by the supply umbrella, saying: “The first category is for those who are not on the databases, and this category is entitled to Issuance of a new ration card with a maximum of 4 individuals and only one wife, a father and 3 sons, or a father and his wife and two sons.

Madkour added, in a telephone interview to the “Masaa DMC” program on the DMC satellite channel today, Wednesday, that the second category is for citizens who enjoy a catering and bread card, and it has less than 4 members, and the number of individuals is increased according to the same conditions. , explaining: “If the card is for bread only and contains more than 4 people, the citizen has the right to spend 4 people for catering with the same conditions and limitations until it becomes 4 people for catering and the previous number of bread.”

And he added, that the citizen must request the amendment of his data to increase the number of individuals, through 3 parties, which are the Egypt Support website and portal, the digital Egypt portal, or go to one of the supply places, explaining that the hotline cannot modify the data or extract a card by phone, but the services The phone call to respond to citizens’ inquiries regarding errors or ration card determinants.

And he added, the advisor to the Minister of Supply for Information Systems, that the arrival of the ration card to homes is available through the digital Egypt portal, in return for paying 23 pounds to post offices as service fees.

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