The dates of Zamalek matches in the Premier League for the end of the competition


Zamalek club received a letter from the Football Association specifying the dates of the Premier League matches until the last round of the local championship, with the start of the team’s matches against Aswan, and the dates of matches set by the Football Association were as follows:

*Week 26.. Zamalek x Aswan.. June 17.. Cairo Stadium.. at 9 pm

*Week 27.. Clearing x Zamalek.. on June 28.. Suez Stadium.. at 9 pm

*Week 28.. Zamalek x Ghazl El Mahalla.. on July 5.. Cairo Stadium.. at 9 pm 9

*Week 29.. Alexandrian Federation x Zamalek.. August 7th.. Alexandria Stadium.. at 9 pm ..

*Week 30.. Ismaily x Zamalek.. August 12.. Ismailia Stadium.. at 7 pm

*Week 31.. Zamalek x Wadi Degla.. August 15.. Cairo Stadium.. at 9 pm

*Week 32.. Ceramica x Zamalek.. Suez Stadium.. August 18 or 19

*Week 33.. Zamalek x Military Production.. Cairo Stadium.. August 22 or 23

*Week 34.. Al-Ahly Bank x Zamalek.. Petrosport Stadium.. 25 or 26 August

The Football Association clarified in its letter that the dates of matches for rounds 32, 33 and 34 have been postponed to a later date in order to achieve the principle of equal opportunities for all clubs.


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