The Egyptian blogger Basma Bishai filmed from behind.. Airport harasser imprisoned – video


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The investigation authorities ordered the detention of an employee at Cairo Airport for 4 days pending investigation, accusing him of harassing “Egyptian blogger” Basma Beshai, who came from Beirut while completing her exit papers from the airport. The investigation authorities charged him with harassment.

The investigation authorities heard the employee accused of harassment, who, in the investigations, denied all the accusations against him, indicating that he was filming the queue in which the passengers were standing and did not intend to harass or photograph the victim.

The investigation authorities emptied the contents of the video, in which the victim, the Egyptian blogger Basma Beshai, appeared while she was at Cairo Airport, and it was found that the victim appeared in the video.

Basma Bishai said in a video she posted on her page that she was surprised by the accused while she was at Cairo airport to finish receiving her bags after she returned from Lebanon, with someone filming her from behind and she used the security to open the phone, and his phone found a video clip while filming it from behind.

The Cairo Air Port Company had issued a statement about the incident, in which it said that, with reference to the video that was published on a social networking site, which was known as the airport harasser, which includes a complaint by one of the passengers coming on the Beirut flight that she was filmed by one of the workers in Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport, stating Cairo Air Port Company stated that the worker was arrested as of today and his customs permit was withdrawn until investigations are completed by the concerned authorities.

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