“The Egyptian fact” investigated the “misleading content” circulating about “cancer-causing corona vaccines”


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The “Egyptian fact” was able to verify content that indicates that some vaccines against the Corona virus cause cancer, and it turned out to be misleading content.

The beginning is in an article that has been shared thousands of times on social media, attributed to a study issued by an American center, which indicates a link between vaccines that rely on messenger RNA technology (mRNA), developed to prevent the dangerous effects of the virus. Corona The new developments, and the possibilities of developing cancer, since changes that occur on the molecules that carry genetic information to produce the so-called RNA can stop the work of proteins that inhibit cancer cells, which ultimately leads to cancer.

The text of the article stated: “There is something hidden and information that is absent from many, which is that there is a layer that carries information in human cells that separates DNA and proteins and forms an important and vital link between them. This layer is called RNA. And now, in shocking news to the world of vaccine development, scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute of Oncology have found that the mRNA cells themselves carry some cancer-causing mutations, which are not analyzed even by genetic tests.Here).

“Therefore, it is time for independent laboratories that are not specialized in manufacturing vaccines to conduct diagnostic tests on a series of vaccines,” the article added COVID-19 To find out whether it could cause the emergence of cancerous cells in the people who received it, who rushed to receive doses of the vaccine out of fear and the effect of propaganda raised about it.”

Interestingly, the article claimed that although this disclosure must be published in all news sites, newspapers and television, the average reader will not be able to access this disclosure unless he reads this article and uses (Duck DuckGo) as a primary search engine, referring to the possibility of search engine complicity The Google In that matter with the major pharmaceutical companies.

He added, “The information carried by the messenger RNA molecules can direct human cells to carry cancerous cells, and therefore it plays an active role in activating cancer cells, and it inhibits the action of natural proteins that suppress tumors in the human body and achieve protection against cancer, which is what comes.” Quite the opposite of what the CDC or vaccine manufacturers are telling people. However, this is the fact that a team of molecular scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute found after conducting research on this matter.

The information that “Natural News” claimed in its article was contained in a study issued by the American Cancer Institute referred to above was monitored by anti-vaccine sites and was shared on Facebook and Reddit, so that a Reddit user wrote when sharing the article: “It seems that the” vaccine “will infect people.” cancer, according to the scientists at Sloan Kettering.

Do mRNA vaccines really cause cancer? This is what the “Egyptian fact” check?

First, it turns out that the article was initially published on “Natural News”, a site known for spreading false news, and was banned by Facebook in 2019, but now it uses an alternative URL to prevent it from being detected. and get to know him. Referring to the published article, it was also found that there is a link at the end to announce the study issued by the American Institute, which comes in 2018.

In an attempt to verify this information, Al-Masry Fact contacted Dr. Osama Taha, a professor of oncology, who completely denied the validity of what was stated in the article, and said that the messenger RNA vaccines have no relationship from far or near to cancers, and that tumors have many diseases. Other causes come on top of the genetic factor, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, exposure to radiation, and the wrong lifestyle.

Taha stressed that there is not even a suspicion of a relationship between (mRNA) vaccines and cancers, pointing out that vaccines and vaccinations are not heresy, but rather there are dozens of vaccinations and vaccines that have not been proven to cause any disease problems.

He continued: “The vaccines for the Covid-19 virus were made by analogy with previous vaccines in which DNA was used, and no cancerous cellular mutations were proven for these vaccines, and certainly no cancerous effect of the Covid vaccines in which DNA is used was mentioned in any of the credible scientific research, Whether AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson Johnson…etc.”

He stressed that what was mentioned is baseless information and that the vaccine is completely safe in this respect, as for what has been proven that one of the mRNA vaccines, which is the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, caused some effects for some people, the most famous of which is blood clots, this is scientifically true and has already happened to some The recipients of this vaccine in Egypt, including those I know personally, but they survived these effects. He added that this vaccine, despite its effects that occur in small percentages for a limited number of individuals, has made a huge leap in treating injuries in Britain and reducing the number of deaths.

Taha pointed out that there are vaccines in Egypt against one of the types of cancers, specifically cervical cancer, and the vaccine called “Gardasil”, which is a vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer (HPV).

AndIn fact, the article distorted the conclusions of the study conducted in 2018, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, which conducted the study, confirmed that this claim is not true. He said in a statement that: “This circulating article is categorically false, distorts the results of our study and makes incorrect conclusions about the risks of vaccines.”

According to the institute, a 2018 study found that changes in one of the messenger RNA molecules can disrupt tumor-suppressor proteins and thus increase the chances of developing cancer, “but the center did not intend in its study what is being relied upon in the development of vaccines against Covid 19.” The statement of the American Institute said “It is important to note that mRNAs are a normal component of all cells and that those that were addressed in the study issued by the institute are not included in the vaccines developed against corona”)Here).

Hence, Al-Masry’s ruling is based on what Nature News published in his article regarding the cause of corona vaccines based on mRNA technology in causing cancer, and the Google search engine deliberately obscured this information, that it is misleading content.

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