The Egyptian movie “For Rent” achieves a record with “zero profits”


Due to the decline in its revenues over the past days, a large number of movie theater makers decided to raise the movie “For Rent” from cinemas.

The producer of the film, Mohamed Diasti, stated that the work was exposed to several problems by some cinemas that hinder the audience from entering the film or enjoying its presentation in the halls in strange incidents of its kind, and the film, in which the star Khaled El-Sawy plays, was satisfied with achieving a total of only 134,000 pounds over the course of the year. The days of its presentation in 15 days, as Wednesday, achieved “zero revenue.”

The film “For Rent” was written and directed by Islam Bilal in his first experience with feature films, and it is co-starring with Khaled El-Sawy and Mohamed Salam, both Sherry Adel.

The events of the film revolve within the framework of a comic suspense about “loneliness and isolation”, through the life of a captain on a pension, who lives in the city of Alexandria, and offers one of his apartment rooms for rent in search of breaking the psychological state he suffers from because of loneliness, and he chooses for her a person whose circumstances impose on him to replace his colleague. Who died a short time ago in circumstances dominated by a lot of mystery.


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