The European Union supports the Aswan Women’s Film Festival


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The European Union in Egypt is supporting this year’s Aswan International Women’s Film Festival, which is the first Egyptian film festival dedicated to addressing women’s issues. The Aswan International Women’s Film Festival sheds light on many issues related to women and the right to realize their fullest potential. The festival is also an important event through which photographers, filmmakers and actors in different countries renew the dialogue on the important role of women in society.

Ambassador Christian Berger, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, said, “This year’s Aswan International Women’s Film Festival enjoys great participation from EU member states and from the Mediterranean region, which confirms the close interest in this special festival dedicated to women. He added that within the framework of the partnership priorities between the European Union and Egypt, the European Union is working with Egypt to support projects and initiatives that enhance the empowerment of women and youth and achieve cultural exchange, pointing out that our contribution to this festival has become one of the fundamental issues of the European Union Action Plan on Gender and the new agenda. for the Mediterranean region.

He continued, “I am very grateful that with the support of the European Union we are shedding light on films and the film industry that deal with women’s rights.” We have also supported a group of young women and men, especially from the Aswan Governorate, by providing training courses on the use of the art of filmmaking as a means of promoting common commitments, stressing that the European Union will continue to support young women and men to achieve their ambitions through our strategic partnerships.

He added that the European Union’s support for projects that promote the empowerment of women and girls, including cinema and culture, confirms the Union’s belief in the remarkable influence of cinema in shaping people’s beliefs, values ​​and understanding of reality, through which it is possible to influence stereotypes that may stand in the way of women achieving their ambitions, as is the case with the man.

Last year, the European Union supported two workshops for scriptwriting and filmmaking in Egypt. This year, 210 young women and men from Aswan are participating in six workshops dealing with different cinematic skills. The European Union, in cooperation with the European Union’s National Institutes of Culture, supports two workshops for screenwriting and filmmaking.

He pointed out that these workshops have produced ten films that will compete in the festival, and that the winning film will be announced during a special closing ceremony for the workshops on June 28.

In March 2021, about 71 young people participated in the two workshops supported by the European Union for screenwriting and filmmaking (39 young women and 32 young men).

In this fifth edition, the European Union in Egypt is sponsoring the “Euro-Mediterranean Film Competition” in cooperation with the European Union National Institutes of Culture in Egypt. The competition will screen eight films: two from Egypt and six from Europe representing Austria, Germany (co-production), Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The European Union awards a special prize of 3,000 euros for the best film dealing with women’s rights and empowerment. The award will be given to the winner during the closing ceremony on June 29, 2021. The Aswan International Women’s Film Festival is held from June 24 to 29 in Aswan Governorate to celebrate women’s successes, achievements and creativity in front of and behind the camera.


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