The first candidate for X-Large before Helmy… He died before filming started… You won’t believe who he is! – Norte newspaper


The dawn of the script Ayman Bahgat Qamar Surprise when he stated, during a previous interview with the media, Little Maha program It’s Show Time , that movieX-largeIt was not originally written for the Egyptian artist Ahmed HelmyIn an early stage of working on his idea, he bore the name “Timur”. X-large”, the candidate for starring was the late artist Alaa Wali El Din.

Qamar recounted a paradox of the film. During 2001 and 2002, he had started working on the idea of ​​“Taimour.” X-large”, then done with the artist Ahmed Helmy Their movie “Sorry for the Inconvenience”, only to be surprised that Ahmed Helmy He also thinks in the same direction: making a movie about an obese person.

“Qamar” revealed that he was inspired by the idea of ​​​​”X-large“From his life and the life of his father, who died at a young age, and he was like all the Qamar family, he was obese, and he was also, at the age of 13 he weighed 107 kilograms, and his friend Magdy, who named the hero of the movie, also suffered from obesity. And he went through a love story similar to the story in the movie.

The late artistAlaa Wali El Din

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He made a movieX-large“The tragedy of a very fat young man, Majdi, who played his role Ahmed Helmy He is a successful and talented cartoonist, yet he lives in a terrible void, and suffers from loneliness perhaps because of his huge weight and inability to move, yet he becomes a crying wall for his friends who are not ashamed to dismiss him with their own problems.

Since he does not find young friends in him as an equal or an opponent, he does not have to fear for their women, which is something that makes him happy and sad at the same time; Like any young man in the world, he wishes to get attention for his person, and he also wishes to impress any reasonable girl, but this does not happen.

Magdy’s uncle is the only one who realized his tragedy, and the late artist played his role Ibrahim NasrAnd he shared the enormity of his size, and then the hobby of devouring food, but the good uncle advised “Magdy” to reduce his weight, so that he would not meet the same fate as the uncle who suffers from multiple diseases, and on top of that he did not succeed in his private life, and did not find a woman who accepted it. Husband spent his life in the unit is not filled only with food.

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