The first comment from the World Health Organization regarding the emergence of the “Egyptian mutant” of Corona


03:40 PM

Wednesday 09 June 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The World Health Organization commented on the allegations made by Thailand that the detected strain of the Corona virus and called the “Thai mutant” was originally an “Egyptian mutant”. Because the first infection with it was coming from Egypt.

“The World Health Organization is aware of this information, and we are working with the Egyptian government to further verify it,” said Dr. Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr, Head of the Infection Risk Management Program at the WHO Regional Office.

Abu Bakr added that “there is not enough information, but we are working with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and exchanging information between Egypt, the United Kingdom and Thailand to verify this information.”

He pointed out that the Egyptian Ministry of Health is conducting genetic sequence analyzes on many samples of positive cases to confirm the presence of this “new mutant” or not, and there is no comment on the restrictions placed by the United Kingdom on arrivals from Egypt, and the extent to which this is related to this new mutant.

He continued, “In general, we are cooperating with the Egyptian Health Authority to further verify and advance Egypt’s capabilities of genome sequencing to monitor new mutations.”

Britain’s launch of new cases of the Corona virus in its mutated version, the name “Thai Mutant”, angered Bangkok, who objected to the label, claiming that investigations revealed that the first infection with it was a person coming from Egypt.

And British health officials confirmed yesterday that 109 cases of the “Thai mutant” (C.36.3) had been found in the United Kingdom, but it was not clear whether the strain was contagious or more dangerous than the one present.

Earlier, Dr. Mohamed El-Nadi, a member of the scientific committee to combat the Corona virus in Egypt, said that Thailand’s allegations are “incorrect sent words, and have no basis.”

He added, in television statements, that if any mutation in the Corona virus was detected, it would have been announced, noting that the strain spread in Egypt is the same since the beginning of the third wave, and it has not witnessed any mutations.

He explained that definitively monitoring mutations of the Corona virus, such as spread in India, Brazil and other countries, will be difficult, but the characteristics of the virus are still the same and respond to treatment protocols, especially since it is through which the virus is judged.

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