The first comment from Zina Ashour on the suffering of her daughter Jana Amr Diab in the study, madam


hung Zeina Ashour, mother Jana Amr Diab For the first time, about her daughter’s suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which affected her academic achievement and caused her to receive low grades after the school administration refused to support her psychologically and healthily and take into account her health status.

Zeina Ashour
Jana has the support of her parents Amr Diab and Zeina Ashour

Zina Ashour, Amr Diab’s second wife, posted on her Instagram account a video clip in which her daughter Jana spoke about her sick ordeal, and commented on him with a touching message in which she said: Your strength in showing yourself with everything in it, regardless of anyone else’s opinion of you, is impressive.

And Zina Ashour added in her message to her daughter: Well done, Jojo, for raising awareness and for your self-confidence, I love you always.

Jana had previously confirmed her father Amr Diab’s support for her and confirmed that he had given her great support following the announcement of her disease with hyperactivity disorder.ADHD».

She explained: My father was very supportive and I received many calls from him, telling me that he is proud of me, and I am very proud to have a father and a mother like them, and my father shows me that he understands what I am going through, and when I spoke to him on the phone, he said I understand you and fully understand how you feel. with it”.

Jana Diab indicated that the reason for announcing her infection with this disease was her frustration with what happened from her school, explaining that she decided to announce her illness to tell those who were diagnosed with the disease that they are not alone, especially since she was diagnosed with the disease two years after leaving high school and did not find support. the appropriate.

Jana Diab revealed the symptoms she faced during her illness, which led to her receiving low grades during her studies, saying: It made me feel frustrated, as I neglected my lessons, and I no longer had the ability to focus or remember things that happened in the past.

She added: My symptoms were my inability to focus with attention deficit, and I tend to forget a lot of things, and this is a problem because I prefer to remember my past, and I tend to talk a lot and because of talking a lot I sometimes lose my voice.

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