The first half .. Al-Ahly beats Insurance with the goal of Al-Hawi, and Mahmoud Metwally injured “Tyre”


The first half of the Al-Ahly and Egypt Insurance match, currently being held at the Touch Stadium, ended with Al-Ahly’s lead with a clean goal, scored by Walid Suleiman in the ninth minute of the match, which witnessed the injury of Mahmoud Metwally, the team’s defender returning from a long injury.

Al-Ahly dominated the course of the first half and missed more than one opportunity to score, the most dangerous of which was through Marwan Mohsen and Hamdi Fathi, who played a “loop” ball, taking advantage of the exit of the Egypt goalkeeper to secure from his net and playing the ball “loop”, but it came far from the net.

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Al-Ahly’s formation of the friendly match between Egypt for Insurance, which is currently being held at the Touch Stadium, witnessed many new things for the team, foremost of which is the participation of Mahmoud Metwally, who has been absent from Al-Ahly matches for nearly a year, specifically since the Aswan match in the local league last August.

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The formation of Al-Ahly also witnessed the participation of the rookie Walid Farouk, the 21-year-old, as he was born in the 99th team in the junior sector in the Red Castle and plays a left wing and resembles his coaches in the junior sector in Al-Ahly, Walid Suleiman, as Al-Hawi described him in previous statements that he is his successor in the stadiums, to come who associates with him on the field He plays with him.

The substitute goalkeeper Ali Lotfi, as well as Saad Samir, who missed the matches for a long time due to injury before returning weeks ago and participating for very few periods.

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Ahmed Nabil Koka, who participated in several matches in the left front during the period in which the left front trio Ali Maaloul, Ayman Ashraf and Mahmoud Waheed, was injured, and one of the important scenes in the Al-Ahly friendly against Egypt Insurance was the participation of Al-Hawi Walid Salmian as a key player.

Hamdi Fathi appeared in the main lineup as well, after he appeared as a substitute for a few minutes in the last Moroccan Berkane Renaissance match, in which Al-Ahly won a clean double and won the seventh African Super.

Marwan Mohsen also returned to lead the Al-Ahly attack after a long absence, as Mohamed Sharif and Salah Mohsen shine in the red attack leadership.

Al-Ahly’s formation for the Egypt Insurance match was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Ali Lotfi.

Defense Lines: Yasser Ibrahim, Saad Samir, Rami Rabia and Ahmed Nabil Kouka.

Midfield: Hamdi Fathi, Mahmoud Metwally, Mahmoud Kahraba, Walid Suleiman and Walid Mustafa.

Offensive line: Marwan Mohsen.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Esperance, which will be held on June 19, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

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