“The first I advised you, and now I am careful.” Amr Mostafa sends a harsh message to Muhammad Ramadan


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The composer and singer Amr Mostafa attacked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and his way of talking about seizing his money in a bank in favor of the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

“Mustafa” commented on the video in which Ramadan appeared this evening and wrote through his official account on the Facebook website: “I went through very many problems that had no value.. And in the program of the divination Ramadan, which has passed, I gave advice to Muhammad Ramadan that he is benefiting from my experience and nullifying problems .. But unfortunately. Today, I was surprised that he inserted the name of Egypt into his personal problems by trying to reverse the facts with a video about his personal problem in seizing his money.

Amr Mostafa continued: “No, Ramadan, Egypt and its people do not need your money or anyone’s money. With your permission, solve your personal problems without entering the name of my country in your crises. And the Egyptian audience that you are addressing with a personal problem is a very conscious audience and belongs to Egypt first. Mohamed Ramadan or any other artist .. the first and last loyalty to Egypt.”

He concluded: “As a person of the soft power that represents Egypt, it is my duty to warn you against involving my country’s name in your crises, and my duty is to change my country and anyone who loves this country…#Egypt_First.”


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