The first infection with the deadly Hanta virus was recorded in America


The US state of Michigan announced the registration of the first case of the deadly Hanta virus, a respiratory disease that infects humans through contact with infected rodents.

Michigan health officials said a woman in Washtenaw County was hospitalized with a serious lung disease that turned out to be hantavirus.

They suggested that the woman had contracted this virus when she was cleaning an uninhabited dwelling that contained signs showing rodents being infected with the virus.

From January 2017 to date, 728 cases of this virus have been reported in the United States, which their medical teams have been monitoring since 1993, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New Mexico has the largest number of injuries, with 109, followed by Colorado with 104, Arizona with 78, California with 61 and Texas with 45.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that infection with this virus is not limited to touching rodents, as the virus may be transmitted to humans through air contaminated with the virus from rodent droppings or if something is contaminated with rat urine or saliva, according to Sky News.

She also adds that the infection is also possible in the event of eating food contaminated with the droppings of infected rodents.

And anyone who comes in contact with rodents that carry hantavirus is at risk of contracting it, said Johnny Khaliden, Michigan health official.

This epidemic spreads among white-footed mice and cannot be transmitted from one person to another, as is the case with the Corona virus.

But its infection is fatal, as about 40 percent of those who contract the infection die from it.

Symptoms of hantavirus infection appear between one to eight weeks after exposure to the virus, and symptoms include fatigue, fever, headache and nausea.


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