The first pictures of the attack on a microbus in the Qena massacre


“Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” obtained the first picture of the attack on a microbus, in the massacre of 17 people killed and injured in the village of Abu Hizam in Nagaa Hammadi.

Ten people were killed, and 7 others were injured, in an armed altercation and shooting at a car in the village of Abu Hizam in Nagaa Hammadi, including 5 women and 3 children, who were among the victims of the accident.

The accident resulted in the killing of 4 women, whose houses were two unidentified bodies, and a child, as well as the death of a child and the injury of two others. Among the victims was a child, his grandfather and his mother.

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Major General Muhammad Abu Al-Majd, Director of Qena security, An armed quarrel broke out between the two families of Saadiya and Al-Awamer, in the village of Abu Hizam, Nagaa Hammadi, and a microbus was fired upon, which resulted in the death of Hoda Saeed Nour, 8, Muhammad Sayed Muhammad, 22, Hanan Hamada Shaker, 20, and Youssef Masoud Anwar. , 15 years old, Adal Hussein Ahmed, 45 years old, Sami Abdel Shakour Mohamed, 43 years old, Fathi Omar Mohamed Hussein, 30 years old, and Noureddin Abdel Shafi Mohamed 65 years old, and two unidentified women, 45 and 55 years old, were injured, Hadiya Shahat and Jamal. Abdel Latif, Sabreen Ahmed, Ayoub Walid, 5 years old, Thanaa Mohammed, Alaa Abdel-Sabour, and Najah Massad, 15 years old.

The bodies and the injured were transferred to Qena University Hospital and Nagaa Hammadi General Hospital, and security forces moved to the location of the incident, and the necessary measures are being taken.

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