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80% of government employees use drugs. This shocking statistic is not written by me, but its owner is a member of the House of Representatives, Essam Al-Omda, and he said it in the parliament on Sunday, May 9, during the parliament’s discussions of the amendments to the draft law on “occupying public office.”
The Council graciously approved the amendments, the most important of which is the termination of the service of drug addicts, as well as evaders and those who refrain from conducting drug tests.
On that day, the council decided that drug tests are mandatory in case of promotion and contract renewal.
The most important paragraph in these amendments says:
“The proving analysis of non-drug use must be carried out before joining work in any of the government agencies, as well as upon promotion to higher positions, renewal of contract, seeking assistance, occupying leadership or supervisory positions, or renewing appointment to them. All sects of employees in government agencies addressed by law in accordance with the controls specified by the executive regulations.
The adoption of these amendments is an important revolutionary act and the first step to confronting a very huge problem that Egypt faces, no less dangerous than wars and major crises, and perhaps much more dangerous, because in wars you face a visible and clear enemy, while drugs are a hidden cancer that eats the body of society, especially the youth.
There is no excuse for addicts, especially since the Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, said before the same session in the House of Representatives, that the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse provides treatment free of charge to everyone who communicates with it, and in complete secrecy to preserve the reputation of citizens, and that the Fund has 26 centers in 16 governorates, after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated 3 new centers in the Red Sea, Muttrah and Port Said a few weeks ago.
The relatively happy news is that the rate of abuse has begun to decline, according to the minister, after the propaganda campaigns among young people, especially the campaign in which international star Mohamed Salah participated, entitled “You are stronger than drugs.”
Before this law, there were many loopholes that enabled drug users and addicts to escape their crime.
Now there are criminal penalties for those who provide aid to drug users, such as allowing their appointment, contracting or seeking assistance, as well as those who assist in cheating the result of the analysis or provide a result that is contrary to reality.
The most important thing in the law is to terminate the service of the addict directly as soon as his addiction is proven, without the need to go to court, because the old method could have enabled many addicts to escape from crime, and challenge the result of the analysis, taking advantage of some weak-minded administrative staff. Despite this, the accused addict will have the right to resort to the forensic medicine authority to examine the confirming sample or sign a medical examination on it during the day on which the sudden analysis is obtained, which is a guarantee for the worker and the entity, as well as shortening the time between the confirmation of the incident of abuse without an implicit requirement, and the termination of the worker’s service by force of law In no more than ten days.
In the past, the employee could evade the sudden analysis in more than one way, but the recent amendments block these excuses, without an acceptable excuse, because the occurrence of this is a compelling reason to terminate a service without the need to prolong the decision on such facts. Thus, we will find in the future an expansion in conducting the sudden analysis as an annual method according to a plan prepared by the authorities and institutions to include all its employees and adopt it with a continuous mechanism of sorting and purification over the life of the administrative body, which is a deterrent to those who beg themselves to deviate from the straight job behavior.
Once again, the recent amendments are very important, but they need another complementary effort, such as rehabilitating those who prove their abuse and addiction to integrate into society again, so that the matter does not turn into a final death sentence for the addict, as MP Atef Maghawry said.
We also need intensive efforts from all segments of society, especially the media, places of worship, art and sports, to reach the addicts and tell them that addiction is destructive for you, your future and your country, and you must take advantage of this opportunity and become normal citizens in society.
Another important point is the necessity of applying these governing rules in the private sector as well.

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